Under darkening skies

We’re still very much in lockdown although restrictions are slowly beginning to be lifted. That elusive light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to get very much closer, though, does it? The summer is laid out before us but none of us knows what it looks like. It’s as if it’s been covered…… Continue reading Under darkening skies

Welcome to limbo land

Having inadvertently published two blog posts within minutes of each other at the end of last week, I am now struggling to know what to write about. It’s now a strange period in the lockdown. We are locked down but we aren’t, if you get my drift. Guidelines have been changed and some restrictions lifted.…… Continue reading Welcome to limbo land

The return of the native

It’s beautifully clear up here on the hill. Looking through the trees from Dorset’s highest point and out beyond the Vale, I can see the sea. There is a boat on it. I wonder where it is going. There used to be a swing here in the trees, with the most glorious view. When you…… Continue reading The return of the native

Lockdown poetry please

There’s been a bit of a mixed reaction to Boris Johnson’s televised speech yesterday evening on what happens next in the country’s fight against coronavirus. And when I say ‘the country’, I mean England. The other three nations that make up the UK have already decided to stick to the ‘stay at home’ message, fearing…… Continue reading Lockdown poetry please

The spirit of friendship

It’s been a funny old Bank Holiday weekend and we’re only partway through it. Usually, the village would be alive with traffic and people and things going on to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day yesterday. It’s been glorious weather and, while I always stay at home on public holidays, fearing the crowd at…… Continue reading The spirit of friendship

The fish man cometh

When I was a child in the 1960s, we used to have weekly visits from the fish man. I think it was a Tuesday. Or maybe a Wednesday. What I do know is that it always seemed to be the same time as Animal Magic was on. The television our babysitter, my older brother would…… Continue reading The fish man cometh

The dog poo picker-upper

It’s occurred to me that during the lockdown, many of us of have turned into different people. NHS and carers are heroes and angels, keyworkers are now essential. People who still have to go to work are doing their bit and are out there. Volunteers are vital. Parents at home have become teachers to their…… Continue reading The dog poo picker-upper

This is the BBC World Service

https://youtu.be/LadhvtDU-iA The village’s one o’clock Sound of Music Through The Square Window is being heard far and wide. Farther than ever, thanks to the coverage on our local BBC station, Spotlight, at the end of last night’s show, as well as Radio 5 Live this morning and the Newsday programme on the BBC World Service.…… Continue reading This is the BBC World Service

And the clock struck thirteen

Well, the songs continue in The Sound of Music Through The Square Window and, with all this talk of lockdown locking itself in a safe and throwing away the key, there’s going to be a fair few more requests to come. I’ve had some lovely feedback from locals plus more song requests, as well as…… Continue reading And the clock struck thirteen

You were never lovelier

I’ve lost track of the weeks, let alone the days. Is it three weeks or four? I don’t know, I’m completely befuddled. The Sound of Music Through The Square Window continues every day with more and more requests coming from villagers now that we have a massive set of speakers in my spare bedroom. I…… Continue reading You were never lovelier