Under darkening skies

We’re still very much in lockdown although restrictions are slowly beginning to be lifted. That elusive light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to get very much closer, though, does it? The summer is laid out before us but none of us knows what it looks like. It’s as if it’s been covered…… Continue reading Under darkening skies

The return of the native

It’s beautifully clear up here on the hill. Looking through the trees from Dorset’s highest point and out beyond the Vale, I can see the sea. There is a boat on it. I wonder where it is going. There used to be a swing here in the trees, with the most glorious view. When you…… Continue reading The return of the native

Race Across The World

Mr Grigg and I have been hooked on Race Across The World, an eight-part reality adventure series on BBC 2, pitting pairs of competitors against each other in an incredible journey across Central and South America. From Mexico City to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, the contestants could choose their own routes…… Continue reading Race Across The World

Happy Easter in lockdown

What a way to spend Easter. While the country is stuck at home, the waves still roll gently on to the beach from an incredibly calm sea (according to the photos on social media I see from my coastal friends). Here in Dorset, the hedgerows are bursting with flowers – wood anemone, bluebells, primroses, stitchwort,…… Continue reading Happy Easter in lockdown

Nice weather – but not for ducks

The gorgeous coast road between Bridport and Weymouth is misty with mizzle this morning as I take the granddaughter to her work experience. She’s lucky it’s this week and not next. Schools across the country will close their doors tomorrow until who knows when. May blossom is beginning to burst from the trees. Glossy green…… Continue reading Nice weather – but not for ducks