Rolling up my sleeve

An orderly queue is forming at the medical centre. It’s time for my second jab. We’re ushered into the car park by a close friend’s husband, who asks ‘Vaccination?’ in the same manner as Michael Palin in the role of the kindly centurion in Life of Brian. I stand behind the woman who runs the…… Continue reading Rolling up my sleeve

Driving on the edge

Since lockdown lifted, there are more cars on the country lanes, particularly now that staycations in the UK are being positively encouraged. I don’t know if those of you living in rural areas have noticed but it seems many of the drivers have forgotten how to drive. They charge through in Chelsea tractors and the…… Continue reading Driving on the edge


I was more upset than I realised at the sudden death last week of Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers. I used to have a pair of tartan-trimmed, white trousers, worn at half mast over striped socks. I remember lending a spare pair of socks to a classmate on a school trip to watch…… Continue reading Remember

Happy Easter

Spring is in the air. And the air feels good. Gosh, haven’t we been lucky here in the south west of England this Easter? It’s a blue sky today, windy as anything and rather cold. But yesterday, on Easter Sunday, the wind dropped and there was so much blue sky you could have opened a…… Continue reading Happy Easter

Springing forward

Roger McGough is on Cerys Matthews’ show this morning, as a working party put its collective back into work on the village green, tidying, clearing and sprucing. Mr Brogue Boots and The Angel of the North are digging over verges and planting wild flower seeds along the village edges. Up in the church, open for…… Continue reading Springing forward

What’s on the telly?

Line of Duty (BBC 1) When shall we three meet again? On Sunday nights at nine o’clock, that’s when. The-long awaited sixth series of Line of Duty dropped into our lockdown laps on Sunday night, with millions of viewers glued to their TV sets for early clues in a story that looks set to be…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?

What’s on the telly?

With the nights getting lighter and the weather (I hope) improving, I won’t be glued to the small screen as much as we have been. This might be my last telly addict blog post for a while. Although, saying that, I’ve probably tempted fate now and we’ll be confined to our homes through a combination…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?

Let sleeping dogs lie

Little dog Ruby is missing her companion. She’s going through a whole gamut of emotions since we said goodbye to Arty. There’s sadness, confusion and quietness. Sometimes she’s clingy and then the next minute she just wants to be left alone. I’m making a fuss of her when she wants it but I’m also respecting…… Continue reading Let sleeping dogs lie

What’s on the telly?

It’s been a strange old week, what with losing our beloved dog and all and everyone still caught up in this bloody pandemic. I was all set to forget real life and watch another episode of Unforgotten on Monday night, only to find it had been bumped by the Haz and Megs interview with Oprah…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?