After the match

I haven’t blogged in a month of Sundays and I’m sorry about that. But not half as sorry as all those racist idiots should be for spreading their hate on social media after England lost on penalties to Italy in the Euros final last night. They do not speak for me. Thugs. I’m not a… Continue reading After the match

Songs for the pandemic

A year ago today, I had a short slot on Radio 4’s special lockdown edition of Desert Island Discs. In between many sad, sad stories, there was me talking about The Sound of Music Through the Square Window, a song a day in the first lockdown. I played music every day during the second lockdown… Continue reading Songs for the pandemic

The dawning of a new era

After days of hard rain, it was almost as if nature knew something was up. This morning, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and blackbirds were sweetly singing, almost louder than usual. Although, looking out of the window now, it appears the clouds are massing again in force. I hope that’s not allegorical.… Continue reading The dawning of a new era

Rolling up my sleeve

An orderly queue is forming at the medical centre. It’s time for my second jab. We’re ushered into the car park by a close friend’s husband, who asks ‘Vaccination?’ in the same manner as Michael Palin in the role of the kindly centurion in Life of Brian. I stand behind the woman who runs the… Continue reading Rolling up my sleeve


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