Happy Easter

Gosh, haven’t we been lucky here in the south west of England this Easter? It’s a blue sky today, windy as anything and rather cold. But yesterday, on Easter Sunday, the wind dropped and there was so much blue sky you could have opened a fabric shop for sailors’ trousers. My garden is beginning to… Continue reading Happy Easter

Springing forward

Roger McGough is on Cerys Matthews’ show this morning, as a working party put its collective back into work on the village green, tidying, clearing and sprucing. Mr Brogue Boots and The Angel of the North are digging over verges and planting wild flower seeds along the village edges. Up in the church, open for… Continue reading Springing forward

What’s on the telly?

Line of Duty (BBC 1) The-long awaited sixth series of Line of Duty dropped into our lockdown laps on Sunday night, with millions of viewers glued to their TV sets for early clues in a story that looks set to be long and winding and shocking and baffling. We hit the thick of it early… Continue reading What’s on the telly?


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