The Sound of Music Through The Square Window: the video

This new video tells the story of how the sound of music every day at one o’clock helped a sleepy Dorset village get through 72 days of lockdown. With thanks to Simon Emmerson for providing the sound system and making the film, James Dawson for the photos and Stornoway, The Imagined Village and Emma…… Continue reading The Sound of Music Through The Square Window: the video

Thank you for the music

As I thought it would be, it was a very emotional day in the village yesterday. The very last Sound of Music Through The Square Window. Tears were shed. And not just by me. You can see the final requests and selections, in reverse order, here on the village website. The final playlist is more…… Continue reading Thank you for the music

A time for reflection

Things are slowly getting back to some sense of normality in the village. The noise of a few more children in the school playground is a wonderful sound for sore ears. It’s too early for things to be as they were – if they ever are again – but at least we can meet friends…… Continue reading A time for reflection


This coming Friday morning on Radio 4, there’s a special Desert Island Discs featuring the music that is helping people through lockdown. And the village’s story of The Sound of Music Through The Square Window is included in the programme. I can say this because several people have already told me they’ve heard my voice…… Continue reading #DesertIslandDiscsChallenge

Happy birthday Charles II

It’s Oak Apple Day today, which commemorates the restoration of the monarchy in May 1660 and Charles II’s birthday. Back in the day, it was a bank holiday. According to an entry in Samuel Pepys’ Diary on 1 June 1660: ‘Parliament had ordered the 29th of May, the King’s birthday, to be forever kept as…… Continue reading Happy birthday Charles II

Welcome to limbo land

Having inadvertently published two blog posts within minutes of each other at the end of last week, I am now struggling to know what to write about. It’s now a strange period in the lockdown. We are locked down but we aren’t, if you get my drift. Guidelines have been changed and some restrictions lifted.…… Continue reading Welcome to limbo land

Just another listless day

I guess we all have off days during this lockdown. I console myself with knowing I’m in a far better place than so many other poor souls, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling down or entirely lacking in motivation every now and then. We can’t all be wonderfully creative, writing the next Wolf Hall…… Continue reading Just another listless day

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It’s been a surprisingly lazy Sunday in the Grigg household. Most days during lockdown both of us have been pretty busy – Mr Grigg on community shop business or hard landscaping in the garden and me writing, studying and painting furniture. But today, apart from playing the one o’clock music from my window into the…… Continue reading Lazy Sunday afternoon

This is the BBC World Service The village’s one o’clock Sound of Music Through The Square Window is being heard far and wide. Farther than ever, thanks to the coverage on our local BBC station, Spotlight, at the end of last night’s show, as well as Radio 5 Live this morning and the Newsday programme on the BBC World Service.…… Continue reading This is the BBC World Service

And the clock struck thirteen

Well, the songs continue in The Sound of Music Through The Square Window and, with all this talk of lockdown locking itself in a safe and throwing away the key, there’s going to be a fair few more requests to come. I’ve had some lovely feedback from locals plus more song requests, as well as…… Continue reading And the clock struck thirteen