Last clap finale?

Tonight’s Clap for Carers will probably be the last time we stand outside our houses on a Thursday night to give our key workers a round of applause for their work in the battle against coronavirus. Annemarie Plas, the woman who came up with the idea, says it’s the right time for her to stop,…… Continue reading Last clap finale?

International Nurses Day

It was meant to be a really big celebration this year. International Nurses Day is held to mark mark the contributions nurses make to society. And in 2020 it coincides with the the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife and the 200th year of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.…… Continue reading International Nurses Day

A lasting legacy for the NHS

It’s the valiant Captain Tom Moore’s one hundredth birthday today. This incredible man was given an RAF flypast and made an honorary colonel in recognition of his fundraising efforts, which have topped more than £30 million for the NHS. His family say it’s time for him to have a rest now. His donation page will…… Continue reading A lasting legacy for the NHS

Let’s see what the Earth has to say

It’s raining heavily as I write this. And even though I’ve come in from the daily dogwalk absolutely soaked – as have the dogs – I don’t mind. We’ve had some glorious, unseasonal weather in this lockdown which has made it so much easier to bear. And besides, the garden needs it. I’m halfway through…… Continue reading Let’s see what the Earth has to say

Lasting respect for the NHS

Last night, the whole Square turned out to clap their hands and rattle those pots and pans to support our NHS and other keyworkers for carrying on working in this world crisis. It began with a ripple further up the village and then everyone was at it, even a doctor at the bottom of the…… Continue reading Lasting respect for the NHS

Thank you for being a friend

All around the country, people came out of their houses at eight o’clock last night to stand on their doorsteps and open their windows to clap for the NHS. It was a massive show of appreciation for people on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. Here in Lush Places, we all joined in,…… Continue reading Thank you for being a friend