Celebrating VE Day

With Covid 19 deaths in the UK now the highest in Europe and rising, there seems very little success to celebrate right now. Even the man behind the country’s lockdown plan ignored his own advice by twice welcoming his married lover into his home for what The Sun (who else?) described as a ‘romp’. The…… Continue reading Celebrating VE Day

Dreams are made of this

The day before I launch my new Dreamcatcher page on this website, documenting your nocturnal adventures in the Land of Nod, something very strange happened. It’s even stranger than the dream I had about riding in the number seven car with The Ant Hill Mob from Wacky Races. You know how early on in this…… Continue reading Dreams are made of this

This is the BBC World Service

https://youtu.be/LadhvtDU-iA The village’s one o’clock Sound of Music Through The Square Window is being heard far and wide. Farther than ever, thanks to the coverage on our local BBC station, Spotlight, at the end of last night’s show, as well as Radio 5 Live this morning and the Newsday programme on the BBC World Service.…… Continue reading This is the BBC World Service

The dreamcatcher

In between nightmares in which I’ve been conjuring up dead people in my sleep, I’ve been having some very vivid and bizarre dreams these past few weeks. It would appear many of you are too, if this article in the Guardian is anything to go by. It’s an absolutely natural phenomenon, I would have thought,…… Continue reading The dreamcatcher