Pin the tail on the donkey

I don’t listen to Boris Johnson at the best of times nor, as it happens, the worst of times (ie the times we are in now, although apparently things are getting better). But my ears pricked up when I heard him talking about guacamole in his broadcast yesterday. Guacamole? What on earth was he on…… Continue reading Pin the tail on the donkey

Too hot to trot

We’re having a heatwave. A tropical heatwave. It’s currently too hot to trot. I’ve abandoned the weeding, I’ve given up on the ironing. I was going to read The Mirror and The Light in a shady spot outdoors but it’s too darned hot, even under a tree. So, having done my writing, ironing and…… Continue reading Too hot to trot

Under darkening skies

We’re still very much in lockdown although restrictions are slowly beginning to be lifted. That elusive light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to get very much closer, though, does it? The summer is laid out before us but none of us knows what it looks like. It’s as if it’s been covered…… Continue reading Under darkening skies

Thank you for the music

As I thought it would be, it was a very emotional day in the village yesterday. The very last Sound of Music Through The Square Window. Tears were shed. And not just by me. You can see the final requests and selections, in reverse order, here on the village website. The final playlist is more…… Continue reading Thank you for the music

A time for reflection

Things are slowly getting back to some sense of normality in the village. The noise of a few more children in the school playground is a wonderful sound for sore ears. It’s too early for things to be as they were – if they ever are again – but at least we can meet friends…… Continue reading A time for reflection

Music in lockdown

I’ve just written a piece for a magazine about some of the positives to come out of lockdown. When it’s published, I’ll share it with you. Along with the wonderful impact on nature and the environment, the thing I’ll be taking from all of this is that when I have a left-field idea, I’m going…… Continue reading Music in lockdown

Happy birthday Charles II

It’s Oak Apple Day today, which commemorates the restoration of the monarchy in May 1660 and Charles II’s birthday. Back in the day, it was a bank holiday. According to an entry in Samuel Pepys’ Diary on 1 June 1660: ‘Parliament had ordered the 29th of May, the King’s birthday, to be forever kept as…… Continue reading Happy birthday Charles II

Last clap finale?

Tonight’s Clap for Carers will probably be the last time we stand outside our houses on a Thursday night to give our key workers a round of applause for their work in the battle against coronavirus. Annemarie Plas, the woman who came up with the idea, says it’s the right time for her to stop,…… Continue reading Last clap finale?

You ain’t no friend of mine

Arty off the lead on a previous walk… The dogs are making enough noise to wake the neighbours. One starts howling and the other is barking incessantly. It’s walkies time and, girl, do they know it. Unlike my previous blogging platform, the Google-owned Blogger, it appears that I can’t simply upload a video to this…… Continue reading You ain’t no friend of mine

Back in the driving seat

It’s my first time behind the wheel of my car in two months. I drive in too low a gear and the thing sounds even more like a sewing machine than it did back in the middle of March. Up until now, Mr Grigg has been doing our essential shopping and I’ve stayed at home.…… Continue reading Back in the driving seat