Happy Easter

Spring is in the air. And the air feels good.

Gosh, haven’t we been lucky here in the south west of England this Easter?

It’s a blue sky today, windy as anything and rather cold.

But yesterday, on Easter Sunday, the wind dropped and there was so much blue sky you could have opened a fabric shop for sailors’ trousers.

My garden is beginning to look so full of promise rather than full of weeds, with hellebores, daffodils and wallflowers, while shrubs and roses are sprouting new growth. I’ve resisted the temptation of putting anything tender into the soil which is just as well, as we’ve had some very hard frosts over the past couple of days.

But with blue skies, the first church service here in the village since Christmas and the sound of children tearing around, it feels almost normal.

Being able to get together in the fresh air with family we’ve only seen on a computer screen or through a window, well, it makes you realise how much you’ve missed it.

I’ve stopped the telly blog now the lighter nights are here and am so full of hope for the future I could burst, so I need to take it steady.

The lockdown is still very much with us, as is the pandemic but I’ll be tailing off blogging now, at least for a little while.

Happy Easter to you all and here’s to brighter days ahead.

That’s about it.

Love, Maddie x

By Maddie Grigg

Maddie Grigg is the pen name of former local newspaper editor Margery Hookings. Expect reflections on rural life, community, landscape, underdogs, heritage and folklore. And fun.

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