What’s on the telly?

This is my round-up of three things we watched on TV this week. I’d be interested to hear your recommendations. Unforgotten, ITV The brilliant Unforgotten is unforgettable. The long-awaited fourth series of this excellent crime drama began this week. It focuses on cold cases, although I did wonder if this had been taken to the…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?

An announcement

So we are waiting with bated breath for the prime minister’s announcement later this afternoon. We’re being given a way out of this mess, with snippets already revealed on news bulletins. It will be slow and steady, I hope, but such a change after these terrible weeks of the third national lockdown when we have…… Continue reading An announcement

What’s on the telly

This week we resorted to watching the wonderful comedy Hot Fuzz, which ranks as one of my top five favourite films. But then I’m odd like that. The small town setting, the characters and the cracking script are just the antidote for lockdown blues (but a word of warning, please don’t watch it if you’re…… Continue reading What’s on the telly

The greater good

This lockdown business is getting incredibly tedious. I’ll be glad when we can come out of it, although not if it risks undoing all the good that’s been done, what with the vaccine and all. I’m usually a very positive person and don’t dwell on things for too long for fear of being sucked into…… Continue reading The greater good

Chicken Run

It was a relaxing kind of Sunday at home, as the rain poured down outside. The weather didn’t really matter as, it being lockdown, we weren’t going anywhere anyway. ‘There’s a film on the telly you’ll like,’ Mr Grigg shouted from the front room, just as I was about to immerse myself in a good…… Continue reading Chicken Run

What’s on the telly?

Here’s my weekly threesome of what we’ve watched over the past seven days. Military Wives, Netflix Feel-good comedy drama, something we could all do with right now. I’d avoided this film so far, expecting it to be a rather twee take on the true story of the Military Wives choir. It’s the kind of comedy…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?

Swing out, sister

I was expecting snow up on the hill this morning, or at least a view from the summit of the wonderful wintry landscape below. The light was fantastic but, apart from a few snowy roads and rooftops in the village, the blizzard had passed us by. Bluebell Hill hit the local social media headlines this…… Continue reading Swing out, sister

What’s on the telly?

As a child of 1960s popular culture, the telly was my babysitter. (Sorry, Mum, but while you were out milking the cows with Dad, my big brother and I were fighting over which TV programme to watch. As he was six years older than me, he called the shots.) I am told the first tune…… Continue reading What’s on the telly?

Steppin’ out

https://youtu.be/PJwt2dxx9yg There’s been an outpouring of tributes to centenarian Captain Sir Tom Moore who died in hospital on Tuesday after contracting pneumonia and Covid-19. The war veteran became a national hero after raising nearly £32 million for NHS charities by walking around his garden on a zimmer frame. His was a quiet, dignified and, as…… Continue reading Steppin’ out

Short story

I’m not sure if I’ve already told you this, although I probably have. (The older I get, the more I repeat myself. Sorry. It’s a habit of mine, not just these days but because I often used to speak so quietly no-one ever heard me the first time.) Anyway, as I’ve no doubt told you…… Continue reading Short story