Time to put my head in order

In those in-between days, the days in that week between Christmas and New Year, nothing much happens.

The virus romps along like a puppy on roller skates, acquiring new powers from the Acme store on the corner as it continues its Looney Tunes journey at an ever-increasing pace.

A Brexit deal is done but is worse than the deal we had as a member of the EU.

And all the while, the rich get richer and fatter and the poor get poorer, the children developing eating disorders and all of us becoming used to staying at home or in bubbles.

So with a new year just days away, we all hope and must work for better times ahead, where kindness, forgiveness, the Covid-19 vaccine and a positive outlook overpower all the bad things in life.

Never have open spaces like the hill at the foot of which Lush Places sits or the winter beach stretching out along the wonderful Jurassic Coast seemed more appealing.

My daily music ritual has come to an end, the mixing desk and speakers in the hall awaiting collection after one hundred and twenty six days of use this past year.

My Advent window is about to be dismantled to let the light in and floors vacuumed for dog fluff.

And then, once I’ve tidied my desk and put my head in order, I must settle down to a new ritual and write at least one thousand words a day and stop making excuses for my lack of creativity. Although it might just have to wait until New Year’s Day.

The muse comes not to those who sit and gaze out of the window, waiting for her to land on their shoulder. The muse is there, and just needs to get into the habit of popping out and reintroducing herself when she is least expected.

As Ernest Hemingway says in The Old Man and The Sea: ‘now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.’

Have a Happy New Year. Here’s to good things in 2021.

Love, Maddie x

By Maddie Grigg

Maddie Grigg is the pen name of former local newspaper editor Margery Hookings. Expect reflections on rural life, community, landscape, underdogs, heritage and folklore. And fun.


  1. I am with you! Though sometimes I feel the harder I try the harder it gets. Or maybe I’m in the ‘conscious incompetence’ phase and need to push on through regardless. Ho hum. Here’s to breakthroughs and epiphanies!


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