A little de-mob happy

I managed to fix the dodgy connection on my speakers today by jiggling the lead about a bit and supporting it with The Little Book of Feng Sui. It worked, which proves to me there must be something in Feng Sui, if I ever doubted it. The chosen track was a modern disco number by…… Continue reading A little de-mob happy

Get out of your lazy bed

Ain’t no sunshine here today but at least it’s dry. I’ve been putting the garden to bed, a job that’s usually a job-and-half but, because we’ve had the gardening elves in while we were away in France, it’s been an absolute joy. My hands smelt divine as I cut back the straggly lemon balm that…… Continue reading Get out of your lazy bed

Sunshine pop for a dreary day

On a dismal, Lush Places Slush-Places-type-of-day, I should have played Misty for the Sound of Music Through The Square Window. I didn’t, having made my choice earlier this morning when the wind was blowing through the treetops, threatening to turn over any cradle that had been carelessly placed there. (Were cradles ever put in tree…… Continue reading Sunshine pop for a dreary day

I’m free!

It’s a strange thing, being in quarantine. It’s like lockdown except that you can’t go out of your house or garden. Not at all. No drives in the car to pick up shopping or even walks with the dogs. The first week goes slower than a Morris Traveller being driven by a blind bat. The…… Continue reading I’m free!

Remember them

We stood in silence on our doorstep this Remembrance Sunday morning, as the great bell of Big Ben from the television inside the house chimed in tandem with our own church clock in the village square. I thought about my grandfathers who survived the First World War. I thought about my paternal grandfather’s pal, Ernest,…… Continue reading Remember them