Pin the tail on the donkey

I don’t listen to Boris Johnson at the best of times nor, as it happens, the worst of times (ie the times we are in now, although apparently things are getting better). But my ears pricked up when I heard him talking about guacamole in his broadcast yesterday. Guacamole? What on earth was he on…… Continue reading Pin the tail on the donkey

Too hot to trot

We’re having a heatwave. A tropical heatwave. It’s currently too hot to trot. I’ve abandoned the weeding, I’ve given up on the ironing. I was going to read The Mirror and The Light in a shady spot outdoors but it’s too darned hot, even under a tree. So, having done my writing, ironing and…… Continue reading Too hot to trot

Before the rain

The air is rich with the aroma of elderflower, roses and honeysuckle. Foxgloves march across banks, sheep safely graze on the sports field and a young deer skirts its dense perimeter. On the hedgerow, deep in one of Dorset’s holloways, a static serpent slithers around a tree trunk like a ship’s figurehead. Bee orchids burst…… Continue reading Before the rain

Under darkening skies

We’re still very much in lockdown although restrictions are slowly beginning to be lifted. That elusive light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to get very much closer, though, does it? The summer is laid out before us but none of us knows what it looks like. It’s as if it’s been covered…… Continue reading Under darkening skies

Thank you for the music

As I thought it would be, it was a very emotional day in the village yesterday. The very last Sound of Music Through The Square Window. Tears were shed. And not just by me. You can see the final requests and selections, in reverse order, here on the village website. The final playlist is more…… Continue reading Thank you for the music

A time for reflection

Things are slowly getting back to some sense of normality in the village. The noise of a few more children in the school playground is a wonderful sound for sore ears. It’s too early for things to be as they were – if they ever are again – but at least we can meet friends…… Continue reading A time for reflection


This coming Friday morning on Radio 4, there’s a special Desert Island Discs featuring the music that is helping people through lockdown. And the village’s story of The Sound of Music Through The Square Window is included in the programme. I can say this because several people have already told me they’ve heard my voice…… Continue reading #DesertIslandDiscsChallenge