Just another listless day

I guess we all have off days during this lockdown. I console myself with knowing I’m in a far better place than so many other poor souls, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling down or entirely lacking in motivation every now and then.

We can’t all be wonderfully creative, writing the next Wolf Hall or being Grayson Perry’s new protegee. Or consistently turning out such good upcycled furniture you feel as if you ought to be opening a shop.

Today’s been a bit like that. I willed myself to get up when the alarm went off at six-thirty but was still in bed an hour later, snoozing to the news. Downstairs, the dogs were howling as if they were being experimented on and then upped the decibel level when I finally made it down to greet them.

I went for a good long walk, ending up on the main road where still hardly any traffic passes by and then back home again with the whole day ahead of me.

Mr Grigg has been on at me for ages to cut his hair, which after breakfast I did with good grace and sharp scissors. I was rather taken aback when he failed to be as thrilled as I had expected him to be at the result.

‘You haven’t taken very much off,’ he said, looking at the wispy bits on the kitchen floor.

‘That’s because you told me not to.’

Honestly, I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. At least I didn’t use nail scissors and a pudding basin. I was very tempted to put in tram lines without him realising.

I didn’t make much of an impact on today’s to-do list: 1) do tax return 2) write chapter of novel 3) finish The Open University assignment as if it hadn’t been cancelled by coronavirus.

Listless, how appropriate.

At one o’clock, I played Don’t Stand So Close To Me in the rain to a small audience of cap-wearing and umbrella-wielding residents for today’s Sound of Music Through The Square Window and then tried to work out whether I could really pull off a double bill of The Muppets and Leonard Cohen later this week.

I got part-way through applying for Mr Grigg and me to be contestants on the next series of Race Across The World and then thought better of it.

Looking at my list, I appear to have done bugger all, apart from write an email to my mother and sister and then look at Facebook for hours on end. It’s just as well as I got ahead of my list by hoovering The Shed of Dreams yesterday.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it. We all have off days. Don’t we?

This afternoon, while Mr Grigg was battling the mask-wearing crowds in the supermarket, I sat quietly and read a book before helping him to put the shopping away when he got back.

With him then out on shop business, I proceeded to play Bonobo’s Migration album really loud before preparing a Bolognese sauce to a soundtrack of The Dhol Foundation turned up almost as high as I could bear it. Nothing beats chopping onions to the heartbeat sound of those drums. We don’t actually need a Bolognese sauce but I always find doing one very therapeutic. It’ll do for the freezer.

In the process, I managed to spill sunflower oil all over the wooden floor in the dining room. The plus point is that it looks a hundred times better in that corner than it did before, but the minus point is I’m now going to need to do the whole floor to make it look the same.

Hooray for the fish and chip van which is coming to the village tonight. I shall be indulging myself in the usual battered sausage and chips and curry sauce, with both Mr Grigg and I wishing we could be eating it in the pub.

Let’s hope it’s a better day tomorrow.

That’s about it.

Love Maddie x

By Maddie Grigg

Maddie Grigg is the pen name of former local newspaper editor Margery Hookings. Expect reflections on rural life, community, landscape, underdogs, heritage and folklore. And fun.

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  1. You still sound pretty upbeat to me Maddie……… On a separate note, olive oil works wonders on wooden floors….. I see no reason why sunflower wouldn’t be just as good!!! Fabulous that you are getting so much coverage for the Sound of Music…… What a wonderful initiative!!! Hugs and love from me to you…. Xx


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