A lasting legacy for the NHS

It’s the valiant Captain Tom Moore’s one hundredth birthday today. This incredible man was given an RAF flypast and made an honorary colonel in recognition of his fundraising efforts, which have topped more than £30 million for the NHS. His family say it’s time for him to have a rest now. His donation page will…… Continue reading A lasting legacy for the NHS

The dog poo picker-upper

It’s occurred to me that during the lockdown, many of us of have turned into different people. NHS and carers are heroes and angels, keyworkers are now essential. People who still have to go to work are doing their bit and are out there. Volunteers are vital. Parents at home have become teachers to their…… Continue reading The dog poo picker-upper

This is the BBC World Service

https://youtu.be/LadhvtDU-iA The village’s one o’clock Sound of Music Through The Square Window is being heard far and wide. Farther than ever, thanks to the coverage on our local BBC station, Spotlight, at the end of last night’s show, as well as Radio 5 Live this morning and the Newsday programme on the BBC World Service.…… Continue reading This is the BBC World Service

Race Across The World

Mr Grigg and I have been hooked on Race Across The World, an eight-part reality adventure series on BBC 2, pitting pairs of competitors against each other in an incredible journey across Central and South America. From Mexico City to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, the contestants could choose their own routes…… Continue reading Race Across The World

The dreamcatcher

In between nightmares in which I’ve been conjuring up dead people in my sleep, I’ve been having some very vivid and bizarre dreams these past few weeks. It would appear many of you are too, if this article in the Guardian is anything to go by. It’s an absolutely natural phenomenon, I would have thought,…… Continue reading The dreamcatcher

And the clock struck thirteen

Well, the songs continue in The Sound of Music Through The Square Window and, with all this talk of lockdown locking itself in a safe and throwing away the key, there’s going to be a fair few more requests to come. I’ve had some lovely feedback from locals plus more song requests, as well as…… Continue reading And the clock struck thirteen

You were never lovelier

I’ve lost track of the weeks, let alone the days. Is it three weeks or four? I don’t know, I’m completely befuddled. The Sound of Music Through The Square Window continues every day with more and more requests coming from villagers now that we have a massive set of speakers in my spare bedroom. I…… Continue reading You were never lovelier

Don’t bank on it

After a week without online access to my current account with the Cooperative Bank, I’ve switched. I couldn’t face it any longer, despite being a customer of theirs for years because I like their ethical stance. Their IT error meant they didn’t recognise me as customer so I couldn’t log in. And they couldn’t tell…… Continue reading Don’t bank on it

If the music’s too loud, you’re too old

I’ve had a complaint about the music. ‘That music you’re playing in the square,’ one man said, as he walked with his wife along the High Street. ‘Yes…’ I said, with trepidation. There was bound to be that one person who didn’t ‘get’ The Sound of Music Through The Square Window, the one o’clock music…… Continue reading If the music’s too loud, you’re too old

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Everyone’s lockdown is different. One size doesn’t fit all. My lockdown is not dissimilar to the life I lead under normal circumstances, except I take the dogs out only once a day rather than twice and I’m now playing a song out of my window every day at one o’clock. To be honest, I think…… Continue reading If the shoe fits, wear it.