A busy day for bottle recycling…

A clink-clank-clinking of glass echoes across the fields as the recycling lorry does its fortnightly collection. He’ll be busy today. The bottle boxes outside people’s houses are overflowing. It’s the same all over the village. Mr Grigg and I have started enjoying sundowners in the Shed of Dreams at five-thirty, just the two of us,…… Continue reading A busy day for bottle recycling…

On the street where you live

Five minutes early, the church clock strikes one and the tumbleweed rolls through the village square. As I open the bedroom window, wondering if, actually, this daily request slot, Through the Square Window, is making any difference to anyone except me (it makes me feel like I’m connecting to my community), Mr and Mrs Prayer…… Continue reading On the street where you live

Every day is like Sunday

On my morning dog walk, there’s not a soul around. There are no church bells ringing, no cars driving by. Nothing. We’ve all put the clocks forward but you wouldn’t know it. That annual sinking feeling, when you know you’ve got an hour less sleep than usual, just doesn’t register in the time of coronavirus.…… Continue reading Every day is like Sunday

You are Number Six

I’m sitting up in the spare bedroom, plugging in the laptop and Bose speaker. The village square is eerily quiet. I put the speaker on the window sill, press the ‘play’ button on the laptop and the prelude to The Sound of Music begins its slow rise into Julie Andrews’ singing at the top of…… Continue reading You are Number Six

Thank you for being a friend

All around the country, people came out of their houses at eight o’clock last night to stand on their doorsteps and open their windows to clap for the NHS. It was a massive show of appreciation for people on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. Here in Lush Places, we all joined in,…… Continue reading Thank you for being a friend

Seeking sanctuary in times of strife

It’s good to get out. It’s only once a day, this outside exercise we’re allowed to have during the lockdown. And who knows how long it’s going to last? The pubs’s stopped doing takeaways, the church is closed even for private prayer and the shop is dealing with one customer at a time. I’m making…… Continue reading Seeking sanctuary in times of strife


And now the country is in lockdown. Our physical interaction is restricted. The message is clear: stay at home, at least for the next three weeks. It’s about time. We knew it was coming. Government advice is that we should leave our homes only if we’re shopping for necessities (ideally one person and not as…… Continue reading Lockdown

The bare necessities

Good news stories are emerging bit by bit within communities as the newspapers and websites peddle a never-ending story of doom. On Bothenhampton’s main street, they’re all doing The One O’clock Wave. At the allotted hour, residents pop out of their front doors, waving and calling to each other as far as they can see…… Continue reading The bare necessities

Nice weather – but not for ducks

The gorgeous coast road between Bridport and Weymouth is misty with mizzle this morning as I take the granddaughter to her work experience. She’s lucky it’s this week and not next. Schools across the country will close their doors tomorrow until who knows when. May blossom is beginning to burst from the trees. Glossy green…… Continue reading Nice weather – but not for ducks